How to make an e-commerce website like Amazon and Flipkart in 15min

Hi, friends 

Want to know how to make an e-commerce website in 15min in 2020

Good Decision, i will guide you  completely Step by Step to create an e-commerce platform just like Amazon, AliBaba, Flipkart, food delivery website like Swiggy, Foodpanda, clothing website like  Myntra, JABONG etc  

This guide is for beginner only, who don’t have any experience on any programming knowledge  such as PHP, JAVA, Python, etc

Tutorial  is Based on CMS system, if you don’t know about what is CMS, no need to worry my friend, at the end of this session you will have a good knowledge about CMS and How to use CMS

What is  CMS ?

CMS is stands for content management system, i know now you have a question inn your mind what is content management system, in very simple word it is a type of content management tool that help you to build a website or web application without doing worry about coding. It have  complete graphical interface which require’s only customization according to user’s need. click Here to read more understanding of content management system

Top 3 CMS for E-commerce 

  1. WordPress
  2. Opencart
  3. Magento

As far as i know these 3 are the most widely used CMS in the world for e-commerce. Now again one question in your mind out of these three which one is good?. if you ask from me i would like to go with Opencart  because of light-weighted and very grate experience i have on it. Different developer may have different opinion, that is absolutely fine.

Steps to create E-commerce website  

Step 1:  Install Xampp server in your computer

        link to downnload Xampp 

 What is Use of Xampp Software

To begain development we  required some tools such as Text editor, apache server, mysql server, etc. To install apache server  and mysql server  in our window individually is very difficult task, so to save our time and efforts we install xampp software which create a apache as well as mysql server in our computer  by which we can create our own localhost server.

if you don’t know how to install Xampp in windows click here to know   

Step 2: After successfully installation of Xampp in your computer, go to c drive or the location where you had install the xampp. now you xan see there is xampp folder 

Step 3: Start the xampp server and mysql 
once you will successfully start its looks like same as in snapshot 


Step 4: Create new folder inside Local disk(c) -> xampp -> htdocs 
          name of your folder should be (your website name)
Step 5: Download opencart (click here to download opencart)

create-ecommerce-website-free download openart[/caption]

Step 6:  Copy the folder to your website named folder 

now extract the 

Now open extracted folder -> now you can see there are some and and one upload folder

Step 7: Copy all inner content of upload folder to your website root folder. and delete the .zip file and openncart- folder 
Note:- now your website folder only contain these files 


Step 8: Rename confid-dist.php to config.php

Step 9: Go to admin folder and rename confid-dist.php to config.php

Step 10: Open chrome and type URL : – localhost/phpmyadmin


 click on New and  create database (ex myshop)


 Step 11: Now open new tab and type url localhost/your website name

example : –      localhost/myshop

Now you can see this type of configuration screen, if you did not get this screen you should read the article again and repeat these steps

 Step 12: Click on continue button 

if you see this error Check the step 8 & 9 

4. Please make sure you have set the correct permissions on the files list below.

If everything is good then it should look like 

4. Please make sure you have set the correct permissions on the files list below.


Step 13 : click on continue

Now you can see database configuration page here you have to fill database name, user and password

DB Driver -> MYSQLi

Hostname -> localhost

Username -> Root         (This is default mysql username )

Password -> (no need to fill, by default password is empty)

Database -> myshop (same database name that we create in step 10)

Port -> 3306

Prefix -. oc_

2. Please enter a username and password for the administration. 

This section is for admin credentials 

Set you username, password and emai id for your admin panel

Click on continue 

Step 14:  If everything you had done properly you should able to see this screen 


Step 15: Go to drive (c) -> xampp  -> htdocs -> myshop -> delete folder “install” 

Step16: Now go back to the browser 

Now you can click on “go to your shop ” or “Login to Administrator”

Congrats Your website is ready to use now



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