Understanding the concept of Content management system (CMS)


What is CMS

CMS is stands for content management system,  in very simple word it is a type of content management tool which can  help you to build a website or web application without doing worry about coding. It have

 complete graphical interface which require’s only customization according to user’s need.

                                Inanother words CMS (content management system )  is a set of rules which know as software, that are used to create digital content over the web. CMS is specially for those people who don’t have knowledge of coding or don’t want to do code. with the help of CMS you can make website or web application with in 10min  

Top 7(seven) CMS in the World

There are so many CMS in the market but some of them are really very popular such as :

  •  WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Opencart
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • Prestashop
  • MODX, etc …

CMS is typically  used as enterprise content management which is commonly know as ECM. ECM is basically used to manage documents, digital assets management system and also provide user login with different role for example in your company you have different roles such as content writer, content analyzer , SEO expert, etc so you will provide only Read, wright, delete permission to  content writer but for content analyzer you should give only read permission so that  analyzer don’t have right to delete post or document, same as with SEO  

Feature of CMS

Features is depends upon the CMS, every CMS has their own set of features and rules that you have to follow  the commonly  feature which almost all the CMS will provide is :

  • User Management
  • Content management
  • Role management
  • Product Management(If your CMS is product based )
  • Intuitive Indexing 
some CMS also provide marketing tools, sales management, order management etc   

Which CMS is best.. ??

This is very often question to me, lot of beginner as well as professional were ask me this, so today i will tell you how you will decide which CMS is best for you and for your desire work. There are few steps to choose CMS

  • Identity your use
  • check the related CMS
  • check there functionality 
  • check the security 
  • Check pre-requirement 

CMS for informatic Website

For informatic website there are several of CMS avilable in the market but some are really very good and they have very large community. 

  • WordPress (click to download) is one of the popular CMS in the world, it is widely use in industry and if you want to grow your career in wordpress developer or wordpress content manager you should have good knowledge over it. WordPress is very easy tool to lear and understand it feature and concept.
  • Drupal (click to download
  • Joomla (click to download)

CMS for e-commerce

There are Three CMS which are very commonly use to create e commerce website

  •  Magento
  • Opencart
  • WordPress
WordPress can be used for both informatic website  as well as e commerce. for e-commerce you have to just install one plugin i.e woo commerce in your wordpress. you can download the plugin absolutely free via this link (download Woo commerce)

If you ask me for e commerce which CMS is best, i would like to prefer Opencart over WordPress and Magento because of easy interface and user friendly as well as SEO friendly 

To learn Opencart you can visit to this link (How to create e-commerce website in 15min)